Below is a complete list of guides that we have created to help you become better at the game.

General Guides
Stats Build
Individual Stats Explained

Emerald Farming

Auto Combat
Control Setting
Other Faq
Useful Sources

Hidden Street Locations

Dungeon Information
Normal Dungeons
Mu Lung Dojo

Class Guides
General Class Overview

Demon Slayer Skill Reference
Demon Slayer Skill Build

Dual Blade Skill Reference
Dual Blade Skill Build

Angelic Buster Skill Reference
Angelic Buster Skill Build

Gears and Crafting Information
General Gear Upgrade
Gear Stats Reference
Gear Rarity and Optional Stats (Normal, Magic, Unique, Legend)
Miracle Cube and Chaos Cube

Crafting Guide
Spirit Stone Farming

Paid Content Guide
General Candy
VIP Values


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    • Hello, thank you for the encouraging comments! We are working on the guides and should update the site with Kaiser skills and builds shortly.

  1. Some equipment says can not attach to mail does that mean there is a way to attach other equipments to a mail if so how is this done?

  2. Another class has been released recently, which are Mechanics. I’d like for you to update the guides in accordance.

    Thank you.

  3. Dear nexon
    Can you please make a take all button at inbox when you buy 10 times the regular box and do this multiple time your inbox is so full it take a damn long time to empty it so please work on this

  4. Hi, is there any new update/builds on kaiser and mechanic?You’re guide is super useful for newbie like me. Hoping there will be more information on both classes. TQ

  5. Wow! I cannot key in coupon after accidentally pressing the confirm buttons 10 times accidentally. Should add another button. I lose 100k becuz of tis. Useless maple. Uninstalling it. Bastard

  6. Dear Nexon
    Can you please bring Evan and Phantom into Pocket Maplestory, I would be really happy if you did and I would really appreciate if you did. They are 2 out of my favorite characters and I would love to see them in a furture update please just think about and put them into Pocket Maplestory,Thank you Nexon your the best!!!

  7. Haloo gm i wanna cash the candy but if i tapnthe candy the game is force close why pls fix it i like this game πŸ™‚

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