Job Change Levels
1st Job: Level 10
2nd Job: Level 40
3rd Job: Level 70

You may wish to check Angelic Buster Skill builds for actual usage and building of the character, as this skill reference page only offers the raw reference data and effects.

1st Job: Level 10
Soul Buster (Passive)
Channel Eskalade’s power to control both the Soul Shooter and Soul Ring.

Dress Up (Active)
Summon the power of Eskalade to transform into Angelic Buster.

Grappling Heart (Active)
Tosses a magical line above you to ascend to higher platforms.

Star Bubble (Active)
Fires a condensed stream of unrefined energy. Deals damage within a certain range when the projectile hits.

Feather Hop (Passive)
Press the jump key while in midair to jump in the direction you are moving.

Melody Cross (Buff)
Uses the power of Eskalade to increase stats for a certain period of time.

Affinity (Passive)
Get closer to Eskalade to draw out strength and make your body lighter.

Pink Pummel (Active)
Skill Needed: Star Bubble 5+
Rushes through enemies, knocking them back. Has a chance to recharge.

Lovely Sting (Active)
Skill Needed: Star Bubble 5+
Pierces enemies with a beam of pretty power and curses them. use the skill again to detonate the curse.

Power Transfer (Buff)
Generates a shield that absorbs a portion of damage dealt by the enemy.

Soul Shooter Mastery (Passive)
Increases Mastery and Accuracy of Soul Shooter.

Beautiful Soul (Passive)
Skill Needed: Soul Shooter Mastery 10+
Permanently increases DEX.

Great Affinity (Passive)
Skill Needed: Affinity 10+
Get closer with Eskalade to receive battle experience and increase resistance.

2nd Job: Level 40
Heavenly Crash (Active)
Skill Needed: Pink Pummel 20+
Slams the ground to create a shockwave that damages enemy in range and launches them.

Soul Seeker (Active)
Skill Needed: Star Bubble 10+
Extracts the essence of Eskalade’s power and sends it flying at enemies. Deals damage continuously until it disappears.

Shining Star Burst (Active)
Skill Needed: Lovely Sting 20+
Summons group of star blades enchanted with Eskalade’s power.

Dragon Whistle (Buff)
Skill Needed: Melody Cross 5+
Endure Eskalade’s advances to increase Weapon Attack

Iron Blossom (Buff)
Skill Needed: Power Transfer 20+
Withstands enemy attacks with an iron-like will.

Love Me Heart (Passive)
Skill Needed: Beautiful Soul 10+
Become more resistant to external damage with inner peace.

Greater Affinity (Passive)
Skill Needed: Great Affinity 10+
Get closer with Eskalade to increase DEX and acquire vision

3rd Job: Level 70
Soul Resonance (Active)
Skill Needed: Trinity 10+
Resonates with Eskalade’s soul and brings him to life.

Finale Ribbon (Active)
Skill Needed: Soul Seeker 10+
Swings your ribbon with the power of love and justice to attack all nearby enemies.

Celestial Roar (Active)
Skill Needed: Heavenly Crash 20+
Sends out the soul-shaking roar of Eskalade.

Trinity (Active)
Skill Needed: Shining Star Burst 10+
Condenses Eskalade’s power to attack one enemy continuously.

Star Gazer (Buff)
Skill Needed: Dragon Whistle 5+
Borrows Eskalade’s power to receive eyes that see through the enemie’s soul.

Soul Shooter Expert (Passive)
Skill Needed: Love Me Heart 10+
Increases Mastery and Attack Power of the Soul Shooters

Greatest Affinity (Passive)
Skill Needed: Greater Affinity 10+
Increases affinity with the ancient dragon race to obtain the pinnacle of Soul Battery.


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