Candy is one of the most important currencies in the game. With candy, you can purchase a variety of pets, mounts, and other perks. In this candy guide, we will go through all of the ways for you to get candy in Pocket Maple Story.

Methods 1~4 are the free ways to get candy in the game.

And if you do decide to spend some real life currency in the game. We have calculated for you the ratio of dollar to candy, this way you can decide the best value based on the amount of money you are willing to put into the game. Or if you see “special” sales that are offered, you can use the information listed here to make an educated purchase.

The only major note is that if you do decide to spend considerable amount of cash in the game, and you plan on playing more than 30 days. The 30 Day premium pack will give you the most best amount of candies per dollar spent.

1. Daily Login Reward from the Monthly Calendar
After logging in for x number of days, you will receive some free candy as a login reward. The free candy is usually assigned at the end of the month where you login for 28 days straight.

2. Special Event Coupons
From time to time, Nexon releases coupon codes that you can use to get free items. Some of these items can contain free candy. Your best bet is to follow community sites like reddit pocketmaplestory to get the latest news and coupons. To use the coupon codes, to into “options” and register coupon.

3. Other Events
Nexon typically hosts special events on their MapleStory Pocket Facebook page, this place offers good ways for candy rewards if you have the time and participate. However, depending on the number of players participate in these events and the number of rewards given, the chance of actually winning can be quite low.

4. Special Login Rewards
Pocket MapleStory usually have special “access” rewards that occur pretty frequently. Some of these access or special login rewards can offer you free candies. Your best bet is to play the game often and login during those special assigned times.

5. Premium Candy Packs
Premium candy packs are the membership packs, you will have to login every day for the duration of the pack to receive the reward. This means that if you fail to login during the time period, that that day’s “offer” or “value” of candy is lost. During the premium candy activation period, you can only purchase the same candy packs to “extend” the premium packs.

However, the VIP exp is given immediately for the full amount of candy packs. This means that if you really want a VIP level perks, getting 1~2 packs of 30 day premium pack can bump you quite a bit with the least amount of investment.

30 Day:
60,000 Candies for $26.99. 2k Candies Daily.
2223 Candy per Dollar

10 Day:
15,000 Candies for $8.99. 1.5k Candies Daily.
1669 Candy per Dollar

7 Day:
7,000 Candies for 4.99. 1k Candies Daily
1403 Candy per Dollar

6. Candy Packs
1K Candy for $0.99
1010 Candy per Dollar

5150 Candy for $4.99
1032 Candy per Dollar

10500 Candy for $9.99
1051 Candy per Dollar

30300 Candy for $29.99
1100 Candy per Dollar

60000 Candy for $49.99
1200 Candy per Dollar

117000 Candy for $89.99
1300 Candy per Dollar


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