Pets are special summons in Global Pocket MapleStory where you can “rent” for candies. These pets offer special boosts and effects that can aid you with your game play. Below is a few key takeaway about these pets.

1. You can summon maximum of 3 pets.
2. You cannot summon the same pet twice.
3. Pets are Character Bound, this means that you can transfer them to other characters within the same account.
4. Each Pet takes away 1 Inventory Space.
5. Longer duration pet activation is cheaper than the shorter time periods.

Below is a list of all the pets that are currently offered in the game, and their costs.

Effect1 Day10 Day30 Day
Pink Bean PetAuto HP Potion20010002000
Purple Pet LootyMP Steal +101005001000
Cloud-Shaped LambAuto HP/MP Potion45022504500
Petite Horntail PetATT +3%
DEF +2%
Based on Basic / Gear Stats Only
Petite Blue PetSTR +2032016003200
Baby DragonAuto Loot40020004000
Strawberry BallMeso +10%90049509900
Black PigletAuto MP Potion25012502500
Red Pet DragonAuto MP Potion25012502500
Black Pet DragonAuto HP/MP Potion50025005000
Mint Pet KoalaHP Steal +101005001000
Little Pet StarMP Auto Cover 20
Mastery 5
Desert Fox PetATT 20
Debuff Resist 3
Devil Maz PetCritical Rate +3%45022504500
Yeti PetAuto MP Potion25012502500
Harp Seal PetAuto HP Potion25012502500


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  1. Hmmm, is that a typo error? -Pets are Charater Bound, this means that you CANNOT transfer them to other characters within the same account

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