Pocket MapleStory currently offers 3 Classes. Below is a quick overview of these classes to help you make a good starting decision. These classes focus on different stats so you may wish to read into stats builds and stats explained.

Demon Slayer
Soldier type in Pocket Maple Story, Demon Slayer is the strongest auto combat class in the game because of its multiple buffs towards its basic normal attacks. In addition, the normal can combo and deal minor AoE area. Demon Slayer has a variety of skills that deal great damage and is the easiest class to start and reach end game with.

Movement: Fast
Jump: Medium
Auto Combat Capability: Strong
AoE Skill: Decent

Demon Slayer Skill Build

Dual Blade
Thief type in Pocket Maple Story, a class that can yield two weapons that can potential dish out the best damage output in the game if stacked with multiple buffs. However, it is the hardest to train and is the most costly classes due to its high cost in MP usage for skills, and HP potions for early stage melee combat. You generally do not want to use Dual Blade as your starting character. If you do, it is recommended to start a DS or AB at around level 120 to autocombat for pots fund.

Movement: Slow until Flash Jump is unlocked at Level 64. Even with Flash Jump, still move slower than the other classes. However, Dark Sight allows it to move in dangerous maps more easily.
Jump: Low until Flash jump is unlocked at level 64. However, still move slower than the other classes.
Auto Combat Capability: Weak
AoE Skill: Dual Blade has the strongest full map skill in the game Sudden Raid. It deals significant amount of damage to all the on screen mobs.

Dual Blade Skill Build

Angelic Buster
Pirate type in Pocket Maple Story, Angelic Buster is the pink and showy character that is pretty girly and fun. It casts its skills without MP but requires recharge. Angelic Buster typically has less defense than the other two classes, you will have to be more careful towards mid and end game to avoid 1 hit kills and careful placement of your skills and attack positions.

Movement: Fast
Jump: Highest, double jump as an Angelic Buster allows the highest vertical ascend.
Auto Combat Capability: Normal
AoE Skill: Decent

Angelic Buster Skill Build


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