Job Change and Levels
1st: Level 1
2nd: Level 14
3rd: Level 33
4th: Level 64
5th: Level 95
6th: Level 116

Check details for Dual Blade Skill Builds. Or you can click into individual skills to check their skill effects based on skill points invested.

1st Job:
Nimble Body (Passive)
Permanently increases Accuracy and Avoidability.

Disorder (Active)
Temporarily neutralizes the monster’s attacks. Boss monster attacks and monster skills cannot be avoided.

Dark Sight (Buff)
Hides in the shadows for a certain period of time by consuming MP. You can neither attack nor be attacked.

Double Stab (Active)
Quickly stabs an enemy twice.

Blade Storm (Active)
Attacks Multiple enemies in front of you.

2nd Job
Katara Mastery (Passive)
Increase the Weapon Mastery and Accuracy of daggers and kataras.

Triple Stab (Active)
Skills Needed: Double Stab 10+
Quickly deals 3 attacks.

Katara Booster (Buff)
Increases attack speed by consuming MP.

3rd Job
Shadow Resistance (Passive)
With the help of the Darkness. Max HP and Abnormal Status Resistance are increased.

Blade Fury (Buff)
Skill Needed: Katara Booster 10+
Decreases DEF to temporarily boost ATT.

Fatal Blow (Active)
Skill Needed: Triple Stab 10+
Deals very quick consecutive attacks to a monster.

Slash Storm (Active)
Skill Needed: Blade Storm 20+
Moves you forward while attacking multiple enemies.

4th Job
Tornado Spin (Active)
Use once to dash forward. Use again while dashing to damage multiple enemies with a spin attack.

Flash Bang (Active)
Throws a flashbang to temporarily blind multiple monsters, with a chance to stun them.

Flash Jump (Passive)
Use while in the middle of a jump to jump even further. The jumping distance increases as the skill level increases.

5th Job
Bloody Storm (Active)
Skill Needed: Slash Storm 20+
An Advanced version of Slash Storm. Attacks multiple enemies at very high speed with elaborate movements.
Level 10 Effect: Can be used with Lv. 10 Flying Assaulter

Advanced Dark Sight (Passive)
Skill Needed: Dark Sight 10+
Allows you to attack while in Dark Sight. Provides a chance to not cancel Dark Sight when attacking.

Mirror Image (Buff)
Skill Needed: Blade Fury 5+
Summons a doppelganger that looks just like you to assist in attacks for a certain amount of time. Your doppelganger doesn’t have its own HP and cannot use certain skills.

Owl Spirit (Active)
Skill Needed: Disorder 5+
Summons an owl spirit that attempts to instantly kill 1 enemy. If successful, your attack rate for a set number of attacks will increase.

Upper Stab (Active)
Skill Needed: Tornado Spin 10+
Launches multiple enemies into the air. You can deal additional damage by attacking the enemies in the air.

Flying Assaulter (Active)
Skill Needed: Flash Jump 5+
You descend diagonally from the air, slashing enemies within a certain range, with a chance to make them faint.

6th Job
Venom (Passive)
Skill Needed: Advanced Dark Sight 5+
Your dagger is permanently coated with venom, giving all your attacks the chance to Poison enemies. Poison is not stackable, and it cannot cause enemies’ HP to drop below 1.

Final Cut (Active)
Skill Needed: Owl Spirit 5+
Sacrifices a significant amount of HP to deal powerful damage to multiple enmies. Temporarily increases the damage.

Monster Bomb (Active)
Flashbang 10+
Sticks an explosive charm on 1 monster to create a powerful explosion. The explosion occurs 3 seconds after the charm is activated, and anyone in range takes damage, enemy and ally alike.

Sudden Raid (Active)
Bloody Storm 10+
Summons the spirit of the former Blade Masters and deals powerful damage to multiple enemies.

Chains of Hell (Active)
Pulls an enemy close to deal damage by attacking up to 10 times with an increased critical rate.

Mirrored Target (Buff)
Skill Needed: Mirror Image 2+
Disassembles the doppelganger summoned via Mirror Image and turns it into a dummy. The dummy attracts the enemy’s attacks, protecting you from them.

Thorns (Buff)
Skill Needed: Shadow Resistance 20+
Pinpoints enemy weakpoints, temporarily increasing your Critical Rate.


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