Have you started playing Angelic Buster in the game of Pocket MapleStory, want to know the best ways to make your characters powerful with the least amount of manual work. Like the other build characters, you want to really focus on the passives for the raw stats increase and consider later to respect once you past level 110~130 range for manual leveling to 150. The majority of your earlier active skills can be replaced by the skills of later counter parts, so you usually want to keep earlier active skills as low as possible. This is especially true if you do not plan on spending money on candy to reset skills.

It should be noted that “recharge” works by skills requiring “recharged” status to be cast. However, with affinity and other passives, you generally should not get into too much trouble about casting the skills.

Angelic Buster Build Guidelines
Depending on your playing style, you can mix and match the different skill trees to help you with your game play style. Below we have some setups to help you understand the skill building paths of Pocket MapleStory Angelic Buster.

Auto Combat Build: Core, 1-a
Dungeon Soloing Build: Core, 1-b, 1-c
Boss Focus: Core, 1-b, 1-d, and potentially Finale Ribbon.
End Game Manual Leveling and Mob Focus: Core, 1-c, 1-d
Early Game Manual Play: Core, Celestial Roar Chain

Defense Consideration:
If you have spare points and you find yourself dying often with 1 hit kills. You can consider putting more points into Love Me Heart to gain more HP pool. However, if you manual play often, adding defensive buffs might work better because it lowers damage on a percentage basis.

If you are running pure DEX build without any STR, consider adding defensive buff 1-e to your skill tree for end game build. The extra damage reductions can help you survive hits.

Core Skill in All Builds
Focus on the skills that have ** on them as soon as you change your jobs, or save your skill points for the future job change. These skills boost your damage or defenses and is essential to help you level up faster during early stages of the game, especially if you do plenty of Auto Combat.

Affinity 10+ (1st) Unlock Great Affinity
Great Affinity 10+ (1st) Unlock Greater Affinity
**Soul Shooter Mastery 10+ (1st) Unlock Beautiful Soul
**Beautiful Soul 10+ (1st) Unlock Love Me Heart
**Greater Affinity 10 (2nd)
Love Me Heart 10+ (2nd) Unlock Soul Shooter Expert
**Soul Shooter Expert 30 (3rd)

Total Skill Points: 90

Build Extension 1-a: Auto Combat with The Greatest Affinity Damage Boost
If you plan on auto combat all the way until you hit level 130, and you wish to do skill resets later, you may consider this extension to boost your auto combat damage output. Since you already have Greater Affinity as the core skill, you only need to place 30 more SP’s into Greatest Affinity to get the full effect.

Greatest Affinity: 30 (3rd)

Total Skill Points: 30

Build Extension 1-b: Boss DPS the Soul Resonance
Soul Resonance is the boss DPS for Angelic Busters in Pocket MapleStory. You generally should max it if you plan on running dungeons with other players. Because you typically do not get into heavy dungeon running until level 110~130 to collect rare gears, you should wait until late mid game and end game to master this tree when you do want to do dungeons frequently.

Star Bubble 5+ (1st) Unlock Lovely Sting
Lovely Sting 20+ (1st) Unlock Shiny Star Burst
Shining Star Burst 10+ (2nd) Unlock Trinity
Trinity 10+ (3rd) Unlock Soul Resonance
Soul Resonance 40

Total Skill Points: 85

Build Extension 1-c: AoE Mob Clear with Final Ribbon
Final Ribbon is the best mob clear skills in the game once you have it maxed. They are perfect matches for you to manual level your character in the level 120~130 range.

Star Bubble 10+ (1st) Unlock Soul Seeker
Soul Seeker 10+ (2nd) Unlock Finale Ribbon
Finale Ribbon 40

Total Skill Point: 60

Build Extension 1-d: The Offensive Buff
Dragon Whistle can add considerable amount of damage to your attacks once you max it. However, Star Gazer is only useful during early end game where you have little to no critical boosting equipment. Once you have enough rare or higher gears, the extra critical becomes worthless.

Melody Cross 5+ Unlock Dragon Whistle
Dragon Whistle 30 (2nd) 5 to Unlock Star Gazer
Star Gazer Varies (3rd)

Total Skill Points: 35 + Vary

Build Extension 1-e: The Defensive Buff
Power Transfer 20+ (1st)
Iron Blossom 20 (2nd)

Total Skill Points: 40

Core Skill: The Affinity Chain
The goal of this chain is to get greater affinity which gives you decent DEX and DEF boost. You should save points to max out this skill as soon as you hit 2nd job.

Affinity 10+ (1st) Unlock Great Affinity
Great Affinity 10+ (1st) Unlock Greater Affinity
Greater Affinity 10 (2nd)

Total Skill Points: 30

Core Skill: Soul Shooter Expert
Your goal in this path is to fully max out soul shooter Expert at 3rd job. Soul Shooter expert boost your ATT on a percentage as well as added critical chance. You must max out soul shooter expert as soon as you can. Consider saving points from 2nd job to 3rd job so that you have points into the skill. Do so if your main goal is to auto combat all the way.

Soul Shooter Mastery 10+ (1st) Unlock Beautiful Soul
Beautiful Soul 10+ (1st) Unlock Love Me Heart
Love Me Heart 10+ (2nd) Unlock Soul Shooter Expert
Soul Shooter Expert 30 (3rd)

Total Skill Points: 60

Useless and Replaceable Skills
The Celestial Roar Skill Path
While Heavenly Crash is a decent boss DPS in early game stage, it is quickly replaced by Soul Resonance once you have it unlocked. And the purpose of Celestial Roar is so that you can manual level as soon as you hit level 70. However, if you plan on auto combat all the way until level 100’s, this path is literally useless. Otherwise is true, if you plan on manual level with Heavenly Crash and Celestial Roar, then you might go this path and choose to respect later into other much more powerful end-game skill builds.

Pink Pummel 20+ (1st) Unlock Heavenly Crash
Heavenly Crash 20+ (2nd) Unlock Celestial Roar
Celestial Roar 40 (3rd)

Total Skill Points: 80