Are you starting to play Demon Slayer in Pocket MapleStory? You are in the right place as this is the ultimate Demon Slayer skill building guide.

We generally recommend to start with AFK Auto Grind build, and once you get to around level 130, then do stats and skill resets so that your character becomes more suitable for manual play. You can always skip the AFK grind strategy if you plan on a bit of slower leveling. We generally recommend using AFK Grind variations as your priority, hit level 130+ then do stats reset once you have farmed enough gears to handle end game content.

However, if you have the patience and do not have money for skill respec, just go for one of the manual builds.

In our build, we boost our attacks as much as possible through passives and buffs, and rely on 1~2 attack skills to dish out that massive damage. Then we provide a few potentials for you to decide which kind of play styles if the best for you. During early stages, you will not have enough points to fully max out passives, this is when you need to put points into active skills too.

We have divided the core skills into separate categories. You will need to get the skills from these categories as your “core”, since they are the basic building block of a flexible character. To use the build, stick with the “core” and pick from the skill path extensions. You may have enough skill points to get more extensions. You will need to pick either 1-c or 1-d for the active skills to deal your damage.

General Skill Build Guideline
To help you read this guide better, we provide the following mixes to help you decide on your Demon Slayer skill build.

Auto Grind: Core, 1-a, 1-b
Boss: Core, 1-b, 1-c
Mobbing / Manual Leveling: Core, 1-d, (1-b for end game defense)
Max Damage Output: Core, 1-c or 1-d, 1-e

Core Skills
Shadow Swiftness: 5 (1st) Unlock Dark Focus & Dark Thrust
Dark Focus: 40 (2nd) (10 to Unlock Focused Fury)
Dark Thrust: 10 (2nd) Unlock Raven Storm
Raven Storm: 40 (3rd)
Focused Fury: 40 (3rd) (20 to Unlock Advanced Weapon Mastery)
Advanced Weapon Mastery: 1+ (4th)

Total Skill Points: 136+

Build Extension 1-a: AFK Auto Grinding
To effectively AFK Grind, you will need the following 3 skills because they max out your normal attack combo Demon Slash. From a manual playing point of view, they are less helpful because you will be mainly spamming your active skills during manual play.

Demon Slash 1st Enhancement: 5 (2nd)
Demon Slash 2nd Enhancement: 5 (3rd)
Demon Slash Final Enhancement: 5 (4th)

Total Skill Points: 15

Build Extension 1-b: Defense Consideration
Obsidian Skin is necessary if you are running a pure str build or if you reach end game content. This is less helpful if you are running full dex build before reaching level 130+ content. Having maxed Obsidian skin can help you to take 1~2 more hits from mobs instead of 1 hit KO’s. Maxing Obsidian Skin is one of the primary reasons why you might want to respect your skills at end game.

HP Boost 10+ (1st)
Max Force 5+ (3rd) Unlock Obsidian Skin
Obsidian Skin 30 (4th)

Total Skill Points: 45

Build Extension 1-c: DPS vs Bosses the Demon Impact
If you run dungeons often with other players who have great mobbing skills, you can consider maxing out Demon Impact to have better DPS vs bosses in dungeons.

Shadow Swiftness: 5 (1st) Unlock Dark Thrust
Dark Thrust: 10 (2nd) Unlock Raven Storm
Raven Storm: 40 (3rd) (30 to Unlcok Demon Impact)
Demon Impact: 40

Total Skill Points: 95 (But since we recommend Raven Storm as core skill, you only need 40 more points to max out Demon Impact)

Build Extension 1-d: AoE Attacks
Soul Eater Chain: Unlocking Infernal Concussion for AoE Grinding
Infernal Concussion is the AoE skill that can deal good amount of damage to a groups of enemies. Use this skill if you like manual grinding in the end game to max out your character as fast as possible. It should be noted though that this path is very SP intensive, you will not have enough skill points for other things once you do choose to max out Infernal Concussion.

One special note is on Carrion Breath, it deals decent amount of DoT damage 10 times and can work well when you have high attack and low critical. Carrion Breath is a nice additional DPS to tackle high HP bosses. It is less useful for mobs since you are likely to quickly wipe out the normal mobs.

Grim Scythe 10+ (1st) Unlock Soul Eater
Soul Eater 20+ (2nd) Unlock Dark Judgment
Soul Eater 10+ (2nd) Unlock Carrion Breath
Dark Judgment 20+ (3rd) Unlock Dark Judgment
Infernal Concussion 40 (4th)

Max Infernal Concussion Skill Points: 90
Max Carrion Breath Skill Points: 60

Build Extension 1-e: The Dark Metamorphosis Attack Buff
Dark Metamorphosis is the attack buff skill of the Demon Slayer. However, with so many other skills requiring skill points, you are very likely to not have enough points for this skill. To really take advantage of the buff, consider not having Passive Defense buffs and max out this for highest damage possible. However, without the defense boosts you will be pretty easy to die.

Battle Pact 5+ (1st)
Vengeance 5+ (2nd)
Black-Hearted Strength 20+ (3rd)
Dark Metamorphosis: 30 (4th)

Total Skill Points: 60

Core Explained: Passive Attack Boost Chain
Unlock the passive damage boosters accordingly, for Advanced Weapon Mastery, place 1 point into the skill first as it offers the most bonus. Then switch your focus to other needed skills if you do not have the skill points.

Shadow Swiftness: 5 (1st) Unlock Dark Focus
Dark Focus: 40 (2nd) (10 to Unlock Focused Fury)
Focused Fury: 40 (3rd) (20 to Unlock Advanced Weapon Mastery)
Advanced Weapon Mastery: 1+ (4th)

Total Skill Points: 86+

Core Explained: Mobile HP Potion: Raven Storm
With so many skills that take a chunk of your HP away at higher skill levels, you will need something that boost your HP. Raven Storm also does a decent amount of damage.

Shadow Swiftness: 5 (1st) Unlock Dark Thrust
Dark Thrust: 10 (2nd) Unlock Raven Storm
Raven Storm: 40 (3rd)

Total Skill Points: 50

Potential Maxing of Other Skills
Shadow Swiftness: Max 10
This skill improves your MP pool as well as your moving speed, this can be somewhat useful to boost your dungeon clearing speed.

HP Boost:
This skill works well in end game content to help you survive hits against enemies. This is especially good with STR builds because you will be able to receive more HP boost relatively.

Useless Skills
You should not invest any points into these skills unless it is needed to unlock skills that you want to use.

Battle Pact (1st):
This skill is mostly useless since you will not likely to use normal attacks during manual play.

Vortex of Doom (3rd):
This skill does not do enough damage to be worthwhile. The stun is mostly unneeded if you have enough attack to quickly kill enemies.

Boundless Rage (4th):
This skill allows you to use skills without worrying about MP. But MP potions can also make you not worry about MP, which makes this skill useless unless you are really poor on meso. However, the long cooldown makes it more or less a useless skill.

Replacable Skills:
Grim Scythe and Soul Eater are both replaced by other higher power skills later in the chain. Only place points into them to unlock their later versions.


Ultimate Demon Slayer Skill Build — 8 Comments

  1. I tried the pure str build and at lvl 54 i stopped finding good places to autogrind, is this due to my pure STR build? Everything is either not enough EXP and i have died when i get back or everything good EXP but hits to hard and kills me before i lvl, cant seem to find that happy medium anymore. Comments please and thank you

    • yea. you need enough dex to make enemies 1 hit dmg. myself I go full dex until you hit 250 dex ( but I have vip 8 so I get a 30%defense boost). you’ll need about 250 dex or higher to auto grind the temple of time ( lvl 96 – 140 if your fast enough. I suggest rushing through all bosses until temple of time ( use stonewall buff for the boss fights) and have lots of red potions and you’ll be OK.q auto grinding is easy with full dex and full passive buff skill set. leave device on overnight and you’ll gain 5-10 lvls ez depending on how long you sleep. I have a lvl 140 kaiser lvl 140 demon slayer and lvl 140 dual blade. so I argue I know what I’m talking about gl and happy grinding

  2. All I nid is the final result of how to up my skill that I get get high damaged I don’t nid the whole explanation ty

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