Starting Introduction
Dual blade is a class that can dish out massive amount of damage with all the stackable buffs that increase your potential damage output. However, because of such their attacks can be weak in terms of auto combat basic attacks. In this ultimate skill build, we will provide you with sample builds, as well as skill trees and explanations for the skill paths.

We generally recommend a skill reset once you hit level 116 so that you can “free” all of the skill points to max out Sudden Raid once you advance your job. This skill points guide will list out the core skills that you need to achieve each of the guides, you can decide how to add your own points after the core SP’s have been used.

Sample Builds
Base Skill:
For all builds, you should place 1 Point in Dark Sight to help you with movement to safe locations. This is especially necessary for end game content where enemies can kill you easily.

You should generally add points into Flash Jump to improve your movement speed and jump height. We recommend maxing it for all builds.

Dark Sight: 1
Flash Jump: 10
Shadow Resistance: Varies

Skill Points: 11 + Shadow Resistance

1. Generic Dungeon Running Base: Mirror Image + Sudden Raid
Since you can only take 4 skills with you into dungeons, you will have to be strategic in deciding the skills that can assist you.

Dungeon Run:
With Thorn: Sudden Raid, Mirror Image, Blade Fury or Final Cut, Thorn
With Final Cut: Sudden Raid, Mirror Image, Blade Fury, Final Cut
With Owl Spirit: Sudden Raid, Mirror Image, Owl Spirit, Final Cut

Nimble Body 5 (1st) Unlock Katara Booster)
Blade Storm: 20 (1st) (Unlock Slash Storm)
Katara Booster 10 (2nd) (Unlock Blade Fury)
Blade Fury: 5 (3rd) (Unlock Mirror Image)
Slash Storm: 20 (3rd) (Unlock Bloody Storm)
Bloody Storm: 10 (5th) (Unlock Sudden Raid)
Mirror Image: 30 (5th)
Sudden Raid: 40 (6th)

Skill Points: 120

Variation a: Thorn
You want to use this variation before you have enough critical boosting gears. After you have farmed enough crits boosts, consider respect to other pure damage setups.

Katara Mastery 10 (2nd)
Shadow Resistance 20 (3rd)
Thorn 30 (6th)

Skill Points: 60

Variation b: Final Cut
Disorder 5 (1st)
Owl Spirit 5 (5th)
Final Cut: 30 (6th)

Skill Points: 40

Extension Variation: Owl Spirit
You can consider boosting owl spirit to 20 if you go the path of Final Cut.

Skill Points: 15 Additional

However, it should be noted that the bonus damage does not work against bosses.

Extension Variation c: Blade Fury
You should generally tick full Blade Fury to further boost your attack power for you to cast Sudden Raid. The only thing to watch out for is the Defense decreases can be substantial with higher level Blade Fury. You will have to be careful about taking incoming damage.

Blade Fury 5->30

Skill Points: 25 Additional

Must Have Skill for All Builds: Mirror Image
No matter the build or exact skills trees that you have chosen. You will always need mirror image for all builds to improve your damage output. Having a maxed mirror image effectively get a 70% damage output for a decent buff duration.

To unlock mirror Image you will need the following prerequisite skills.
Nimble Body 5 (1st)
Katara Booster 10 (2nd)
Blade Fury: 5 (3rd)
Mirror Image: 30 (5th)

Total Skill Points: 50

Full Map Skill: Sudden Raid
You generally need sudden raid if you want to reach end game content and want to beat dungeons at a decent speed by yourself. The skill is also important to level faster past level 130+. It should be noted that if you party with others often in dungeons, you can potentially “not” go for sudden raid. However, we generally recommend you to go down the sudden raid path.

To unlock Sudden Raid you will need the following prerequisite skills.
Blade Storm: 20 (1st)
Slash Storm: 20 (3rd)
Bloody Storm: 10 (5th)
Sudden Raid: 40 (6th)

Total Skill Points: 70

Fatal Blow Chain
Fatal Blow Chain

Double Stab: 10 (1st)
Triple Stab: 10 (2nd)
Fatal Blow: 20 (3rd)

Triple Blow is a decent skill to have and use against mobs in a small area. It is helpful against early enemies and early level dungeon runs. Fatal Blow deals a succession of 8 hits, however it has a long skill animation with cool down, which makes it much less useful.

Chain of Hell
An upgraded chain of hell is a better replacement for Fatal Blow.

Final Cut a Useful Damage Boosting Buff
Final Cut:

Final Cut is a great skill to have since it pretty much boosts your attack power without any penalties. Higher level final cut costs less HP to cast, which can be helpful to conserve your HP potions.

Disorder 5 (1st)
Owl Spirit 5 (5th)
Final Cut: 30 (6th)

Other Damage Boosting Buffs
Blade Fury:
Blade Fury’s biggest downfall is that its short duration and the defense decreasing effect. They are best used with Sudden Raid since you do not get close to the enemies and Blade Fury can be casted in between your Sudden Raids.

Thorns (6th)
Thorns is a buff that boost your critical rate attacks. You generally only need it when you first reach the end game, as you gain more gears and items that boost critical attack. Thorn becomes much less useful. In conclusion: Use it before you have enough gears and upgrades with critical attack rate boost.

Owl Spirit:
Owl Spirit is good for skills that deal good damage while only hit for small number of hits. Since it boost damage based on the “numbers” that your attacks land.

Venom is only decent against normal mobs during auto combat. In most cases this skill is not helpful.

Defense Skill Consideration
Shadow Resistance: (3rd) As Needed
You might generally need this skill towards end game content. You need the HP boost so that you have enough HP pool to survive 1 or 2 hits against level 130+ mobs and bosses.

Dark Sight: 1 Point
1 Point is needed for Dark Sight to ensure safe movements.

Useless Skills
Disorder (1st)
Disorder does not work against bosses, which makes it a useless skill. You only want to tick it if you want to unlock Owl Spirit.

Katara Booster (Buff)
The attack speed only helps with your normal attack speed. And the normal attack as a Dual Blade is really weak, adding that extra speed will not help in any situation. If you are manually playing the game, you benefit more from casting attack skills.

Monster Bomb Chain:
Flashbang and Monster Bomb is less useful, since the time and damage the attacks deals are too little to be effective.

Nimble Body:
Evasion and accuracy is a little useless in Pocket Maplestory unless you go for pure Luk build and require that additional Accuracy. However, you are better off ticking a few points into dex and save your skill points for others.

Katara Mastery:
Similar to Nimble Body, you do not need the extra accuracy from Katara Matery unless you have a full LUK build. In most cases this skill is useless. However, if you are able to achieve 100% critical rate, the damage boost from having higher mastery is about 10%.

Upper Stab Chain:
The Tornado Spin + Upper Stab chain requires to get close to enemies and do not do enough damage.


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