Crafting is done with the craft NPC available in every town. You can pick 1 of the 4 crafting professions. Weapon, Armor, Accessory, or Potion.

You can buy recipes from the NPC. Once you purchase the recipe, you will have to use it from your inventory to “learn”. Then you can use the craft option from the crafting NPC.

As you craft items, you earn crafting mastery. Once you reach certain amount of mastery points, you can level up your crafting profession.

Crafting Professions
When you reach level 10, you can select a sub class or crafting profession from the crafting merchant in every town. Each characters in your account can have unique professions, so if you do decide to have several characters, make sure to make them have different professions. If you do wish to change profession, it will cost your 100 candies. We recommend taking up accessory as the first profession as the starting rings recipe is helpful at the beginning.

Weapons : Weapons
Armor : Armor, including Top, Pants, Belt, Cape, Shoes, Hat, and Gloves
Accessory : Necklace, Ring, Earrings
Alchemy : Potions

There are 3 main ways to get crafting recipes in the game.

1. Buy from Crafting Merchant. Higher level recipes are unlocked as you gain more mastery.
2. Hunt in Dungeons
3. Donation

Donating to the NPC can unlock additional recipes that you can buy. However, the chances appear to be pretty low. It should be noted that if the recipe has been unlocked through donation, you must buy the recipe during that time, or else the NPC will not offer it afterwards. So you better make sure you have enough mesos when you decide to do mass donation.

In almost all cases, donation is a useless function.

Spirit Stones:
Spirit stones are rare drops from normal mobs as well as dungeon mob drops. Check out our spirit stone farming guide for better tips and strategy.

To fuse items, always do 1 magic and another item. The ending result will typically be 1 magic item. Keep on fusing it until you receive the item for the class that you are looking for. Depending on the quality of the item being fused, you may get different quality grade of items. Below is a basic break down of these. You should generally only fuse 2 items at a time since more times generally do not make that much of a difference.

It should be noted that green color is a rare color in the game, it generally have slightly higher stats and look unique from the usual black and red. Any time you fuse the items, you have a chance of getting the green version of these gears. You may want to refer to more details about gear rarity and optional stats.

White + White = White, or Blue (low ratio)
White + Blue = Blue, or White/Purple (low ratio)
Blue + Blue = Blue, or Purple (low ratio)
Purple + Purple = Purple or Red (low ratio)
Purple + Red = Red, Purple/Gold (low ratio)
Red + Red = Red, or Gold (low ratio)
Red + Gold = Red or Gold


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