Please note that this page is a work in progress. We are continuously adding in more accessory crafting information. Please feel free to leave comments if you found more that are not covered here!

Recipes Sold by Crafting Merchant:
Silver Wing Ring
Level 2
Magic Stat: 2~3 Attack Speed
2 Dim Spirit Stone

Gold Heart Ring
Unlocked when 18 Mastery Reached.
Level 8
Magic Stats: 2~3 STR
4 Dim Spirit Stone

Alchemist’s Ring
Unlocked when 36 Mastery Reached.
Level 16
Magic Stats: 2~3 SPD
7 Dim Spirit Stone

Silver Wing Ring
Unlocked when 54 Mastery Reached
Level 24
Magic Stat:
3~4 Anti-Debuf
11 Dim Spirit Stone
7 Dim Special Spirit Stone

Accessory Recipe Obtained Through Dungeon
Pink Flower Earrings Recipe
Mastery: 126
33 Regular Spirit Stone
16 Regular Special Spirit Stone
1 Rare Grade Spirit Stone


Accessory Crafting Recipe List — 4 Comments

  1. I got this recipe from a dungeon, but my mastery is too low to use it.

    Gold Drop Earrings Recipe
    Grade: Rare
    Create a pair of Gold Drop Earrings

    Minimum Mastery: 144
    Regular Spirit Stone (38)
    Regular Special Spirit Stone (20)
    Rare Grade Spirit Stone (1)

  2. I finally broke 72 mastery for crafting accessories. You unlock the ability to make higher level objects ever 18 points of mastery you get. At 72 mastery points you can make level 32 objects. This is the recipe that you unlock:

    Gold Heart Ring
    Grade: Magic
    Category: Ring
    Level Limit: 32
    Minimum Mastery: 72
    Dim Spirit Stone (16)
    Dim Special Spirit Stone (9)

    It costs 912mesos.

  3. I don’t know if anyone is actually updating this website anymore, but I found another ring recipe. This one I obtained by donating items to the crafting merchant.

    Red Cross Ring Recipe
    Grade: Rare
    Create a Red Cross Ring
    Minimum Mastery: 234
    Odd Spirit Stone (71)
    Odd Special Spirit Stone (36)
    Rare Grade Spirit Stone (1)

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