Dim Spirit Stone Farming

This is the best way to farm lots of Dim Spirit Stone within a short period of time. You will need to create and delete characters so that it can farm at the beginning level.

Dim Spirit Stone Farming Pocket MS

Create a new Angelic Buster. Skip all the intro cut scenes and quests. You do not need to accept anything.

Walk one map to the right at West Pantheon Plains. Auto Combat and loot dim spirit stones easily.

You will have to create a new Angelic Buster after level 16 since it will no longer gain any more spirit stones.

Transfer the items and gears to storage, sell everything else for some little amount of mesos. Delete character, rinse and repeat and gain tons of Dim Spirit Stones.

Consider following strategy to make your auto combat grind more smooth.
1. Upgrade your weapon to +1 to be able to kill all mobs with 1 hit with a few dex added.
2. Consider getting the pet baby dragon to auto loot and improve your efficiency. However, it should be noted that the dragon pet cannot be moved to other characters.
3. Get a low level 2 ring to +2~+3 and equip those between your newly made characters. This can prevent any potential deaths.

With baby dragon you should be able to get 200 stones in 1 hour. With baby dragon your stone generation rate will be much higher.

Special Dim Spirit Stones Farming
You should only start farming these when you have strong enough character to breeze through Magatia Dungeon.

With good gears and attacks, rush through the dungeons to gain Special Dim Spirit Stones.


Spirit Stone Farming Guide — 14 Comments

  1. I prefer to farm the special dim stones in Ludibrium, they have a very similar drop rate to Magatia it seems. Only downside is the flying airplanes in map 2

    • How come my Xenon gets regular special stones and not the special dim stones in Magatia? Next, my DS cannot get the special dim stones in Ludibrium in both dungeon maps?

    • The flying planes can easily be killed by luminous 2nd advancement. Turn on eclipse mode by using light skill while neutral, and use pressure void. Kills scores of mobs in basically a single swipe, no mana cost too.

  2. I prefer the Ludibrium dungeon, it has a similar drop rate as the Magatia Dungeon but 20 levels lower. Only downside is the flying airplanes in map 2

    • It’s not that you’re too high level, it’s that the drop rate in Magatia is bad. I prefer going to Ludi where I’m almost always guaranteed 1-2 dim ss.

    • It’s not that you got stuck, it’s that when you get close to achieving the next level of crafting, it becomes less likely for you to get mastery points for each item crafted.

      Every 18 points of crafting mastery allows you to use crafting recipes to construct an item designed for an item 8 levels higher than the previous. So initially, you construct level 1 items, then at 18 mastery you construct level 8, at 36 you can make level 16, at 54 you make 24, and at 72 you make level 32 items.

      When you go to craft, the recipes are color coded to tell you which items are more likely to give you a mastery point for crafting them. If it’s written in purple, it’s highly likely. If it’s yellow, it’s less likely. If it’s written in black, it’s extremely unlikely and you’re wasting your stones(unless you just want the item). A grayed out item obviously means you don’t have the required stones to craft it.

      A recipe will be purple from the moment you’re able to craft it up until you’re 16 mastery points above. Then for 4 mastery points it will be yellow. (+/- 2 from the point where you unlock the next level of items).

      This is my understanding of what is happening, and why it gets so much harder when you get closer to unlocking the next recipe.

  3. Dim Special spirit stones appear often at the hidden street at Mu Lung where the sky forests ends. It is the best place to get Dim special spirit stones .I highly recommend this place to find it .

  4. Dim special spirit stones are more commonly found at the hidden street at Mu Lung where the sky forests ends .

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