Job Change and Levels
Basic: Level 0
1st: Level 1
2nd: Level 15
3rd: Level 39
4th: Level 94

This page is a raw reference and data straight from Pocket MapleStory the game itself. You may also wish to check Demon Slayer Skill Build for comments and paths that you can take.

Basic Skills
Demonic Blood (Passive)
Demons are known for their naturally strong willpower and overwhelming ambition.
When Attack monsters absorbs 1% of MP.

Fury Unleashed (Passive)
When facing Boss Monsters, unleash the full might of your Fury to deal additional damage and absorb additional MP.
When attacking Boss Monster
Damage +10%
Additional MP Absorption: 1.5%

Dark Winds (Passive)
Allows you to use various jump skills using demon wings.
High Jump: Jump again during a standing jump.
Double Jump: Jump Again during a forward moving jump.

Demon Wings (Passive)
Use your demon wings to move faster.
Movement Speed +1.
Jump Height +2

Curse of Fury (Passive)
The attacks of demons may look week, but they can be critical.
Chances of instantly killing enemy with normal attack of Demon Slash: 1%
Recovers 5% HP when killing instantly.
Absorbs MP from eliminated enemies.

1st Job: Level 1
Shadow Swiftness (Passive)
Permanently increases Accuracy, Speed, and Jump.

Battle Pact (Buff)
Temporarily increases the attack speed of your weapon by consuming HP.

Demon Slash (Passive)
Mash the attack key to whip enemies in front of you with dark power. Hits return some MP to you.
1st and 2nd Hit: Can hit up to 6 enemies at once inflicting 20% damage.
3rd hit: Can hit up to 6 enemies at once inflicting 10% damage twice.
4th Hit: Can hit up to 6 enemies at once inflicting 5% damage three times.

Grim Scythe (Active)
Summons a devillish scythe that attacks multiple enemies in front of you.

HP Boost (Passive)
Permanently increases your Max HP.

2nd Job: Level 15
Vengeance (Buff)
Skill Needed: Battle Pact 5+
For the duration of the skill, instant kill probability is given to all attacks.

Dark Thrust (Active)
Skill Needed: Shadow Swiftness 5+
Charge forward with terrifying rage, dragging multiple unfortunate enemies with you.

Demon Slash 1st Enhancement (Passive)
Makes your Demon Slash hurt more and look nastier, permanently increasing its damage.

Soul Eater (Active)
Skill Needed: Grim Scythe 10+
Key down skill. Snares and pulls multiple enemies towards you, where they suffer the full force of your might.

Dark Focus (Passive)
Skill Needed: Shadow Swiftness 5+
Permanently increases ATT and Critical Rate.

3rd Job: Level 39
Black-Hearted Strength (Buff)
Skill Needed: Vengeance 5+
Significantly increases your Defense and Abnormal Status Resistance for a set time.

Dark Judgment (Active)
Skill Needed: Soul Eater 20+
Judge your enemies…harshly. This attack hits multiple nearby enemies, dealing critical damage with a chance for additional critical hits.

Carrion Breath (Active)
Skill Needed: Soul Eater 10+
Summons the power of the Poison Demon’s horrible breath to attack multiple enemies at once. Targets take continual damage over a short amount of time and are unable to eat lunch for a week afterwards.

Demon Slash 2nd Enhancement (Passive)
Skill Needed: Demon Slash 1st Enhancement 5+
Makes your Demon Slash hurt more and look nastier, additionally increasing its damage.

Vortex of Doom (Active)
Skill Needed: Raven Storm 10+
Creates a vortex of dark energy inside you that draws nearby enemies into your attack and stuns them.

Max Force (Passive)
Skill Needed: HP Boost 10+
Allows you to receive additional MP when using Demon Slash, and recovers a fixed amount of MP.

Raven Storm (Active)
Skill Needed: Dark Thrust 10+
Summons a flock of really angry ravens that peck the faces of any enemies in front of you. The ravens then return the enemies’ HP to you as thanks for letting them take out their aggression.

Focused Fury (Passive)
Skill Needed: Dark Focus 10+
Focuses powers to permanently increase damage and improves Attack Speed.

4th Job: Level 94
Demon Slash Final Enhancement (Passive)
Skill Needed: Demon Slash 2nd Enhancement 5+
Makes your Demon Slash hurt more and look nastier, bringing a final increase to its damage.

Infernal Concussion (Active)
Skill Needed: Dark Judgment 20+
Calls an eruption from below to blast nearby enemies into the air. Enemies in air receive Critical Damage from the explosion.

Demon Impact (Active)
Skill Needed: Raven Storm 30+
Call forth your inner demon to deal critical damage on multiple enemies in front of you. Damage increases when fighting boss monsters.

Dark Metamorphosis (Buff)
Skill Needed: Black-Hearted Strength 20+
Unleashes 2 beings of spectral shadow to join you and attack anything in sight. The spirit channel also increases damage and HP for a short period of time.

Advanced Weapon Mastery (Passive)
Skill Needed: Focused Fury 20+
Become a master of melee. Maxes out the Mastery of One Handed Blunt and Axe type weapons while increasing minimum critical damage and weapon ATT.

Boundless Rage (Buff)
Skill Needed: Max Force 5+
Consumes all remaining MP to send yourself into a raging berserker mode. All MP-Based attacks will be free for a short period, but the skill has a long cooldown.

Obsidian Skin (Passive)
Skill Needed: Max Force 5+
Permanently increases your defensive abilities so you take less damage from enemies.


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