Below contains all the information for the various dungeons in Pocket MapleStory. Dungeons in Pocket MapleStory is the only place where you can party (or PQ) with other players and fight the bosses. To enter a dungeon, you usually need to pay a Dimensional Mirror or an Advanced Dimensional Mirror.

You can get the Dimensional Mirrors through Candy shop at the cost of 2k Meso / Dimensional and 30k Meso for Advanced. In addition, you can get 12 free Dimensional Mirrors at server reset, ONLY if you have less than 12. The mirror count refills to 12. You can also get the mirrors as VIP level increases.

It should be noted that you will still get EXP even if you are overleveled, however the EXP gain will be minimum after the 15 level cap.

There are three main types of dungeon types in game:

Normal Dungeon
The normal dungeons are scattered throughout the world typically that correspond with the main town. These dungeons offer magical gears and crafting recipes at the end of the battle. It should also note that these mobs appear to drop spirit stones at a slightly higher rate compared to normal mobs.

You generally want to grab a few people for dungeons unless you are way overpowered to solo on your own either through advanced gears or levels.

Special Dungeon
Special Dungeons are limited edition dungeons that are enabled at “special times”.

Time Dungeon
These are available during specific time of the time. They are not currently available in Pocket MapleStory Global.

Sudden Dungeon
The sudden dungeons are enabled randomly throughout the day. The dungeons can be in several difficulties.

Event Dungeon

Guild Dungeon
Guild Dungeons are only accessible when you are in a dungeon. These dungeons drops Mark of Honor.

New Guild Member Training Group

Guild Fortress of Honor

Guild Treasury
A good place to get lower level spirit stones for crafting.

Secret Chamber of the Forterss


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  1. Do dungeon mobs really drop spirit stones?
    I’ve been to 2 dungeons in Pocket Maplestory SEA and no stone drops at all. Only Meso.

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