Mu Lung Dojo is the latest addition of the game. It offers a PvP type leaderboard where you complete boss fighting dungeons to receive rewards. The rewards include Candy, Defense Buff, Chaos and Miracle Cube, Premium tickets, and cool name plates. You can access the Mu Lung Dojo via the dungeon tab.

Dojo Strategy:
Since the number of entry is limited in Mu Lung Dojo, you want to always fight in the floor levels where you can complete. Fight as often as possible throughout the day whenever you have the chance.

The dojo rewards are finalized on Thursday.

Unless you are going for bragging rights, you typically should not spend candy to try to get into the next tier of rewards. The candy that you invest will be far more than your rewards, since another player can always outspend you to try for more points.

Mu Lung Dojo Floor Information
Please note that this is a work in progress, more information will be filled in as we move through the stages. Or please feel free to leave comments if you have additional information! Thanks.

Floor 1~5
Solo Clear Points: 80
Floor 1: Level 20 Alishar
Floor 2: Level 24 Shadow Blade
Floor 3: Level 40 Stumpy
Floor 4: Level 48 Rex
Floor 5: Level 56 Tae Roon

Floor 6~10
Points: 610
Floor 6: Level 64 Hiver
Floor 7: Level 72 Akarium
Floor 8: Level 80 Alishar
Floor 9: Level 88 Stumpy
Floor 10: Level 96 Martial Arts

Floor 11~15
Floor 16~20
Floor 21~25
Floor 26~30
Floor 31~35
Floor 36~40