Below is a quick list of the normal dungeons available in Pocket MapleStory. We have also labeled the maps shown in game to help you keep track of them. Dungeons that require Advanced Dimensional Mirror will be marked as such.

Pocket MapleStory Dungeon

Level 20:
The Green Mushroom’s Base

Level 31:
Toy Rebel Army Terrace

Clear Rewards:
Magic Level 32 Equipment

Level 42:
Aqua Road
The Deep Sea of Aqua Road

Drops: Dim Spirit Stone, Dim Special Spirit Stone
Clear Rewards:
Magic Level 40 Equipment

Level 53:
Hidden Room of the Laboratory #1
Hidden Room of the Laboratory #2

Drops: Dim Spirit Stone, Dim Special Spirit Stone
Clear Rewards:
Magic and Rare Level 48 Equipment
Crafting Recipes that require 126 Mastery.
Mana Elixir, White Potion

Note: Laboratory #1 is a better hunting ground because of higher concentration of mobs. However, if your attacks is mainly 1 vs 1, #2 might be better because of faster clearing speed.

Level 61:
Wasteland of Kiyo

Level 71:
Mu Lung
Tae Roon’s Secret Training Ground
Mannequin Training Ground

Level 80:
El Nath
Shadow of the El Nath Mountain Range

Level 88:
Tower of the Resurrected
Possessed Magical Creatures
Tower Storage of Hidden Loot

Level 101
Minar Forest
Crimson Glow Forest

Level 112
Gorge of Life
Gorge of Time and Wind
Tundra of Dawn

Level 118:
Temple of time
Ruins of the Corrupted Temple
Temple Invader Lilynouches

Level 120:
March of the Possessed Toys (Advanced)

Laboratory No. 301 (Advanced)

Hiver’s Hiding Place (Advanced)

Temple of Time
Eternally Burning Temple
Abyss of Regret (Advanced)

Minar Forest
Velderoth’s Seal (Advanced)

Gorge of Life
Exile in Snowy Mountain (Advanced)

Level 135
Mushroom Kingdom
Invaded Mushroom Castle
Captured Mushroom Castle

Level 150:
Lion King’s Castle
Castle of the Chaos Lion King
Lion King’s Castle Secret Corridor


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