Do you wonder about the type of stats given depending on the gear upgrade? Here we will provide you guidelines to help you decide on the best gears to upgrade for. Generally, in the beginning and mid game, you worry about gears that grant you better auto combat capability. And at end game area, pass level 130 you want to focus on your ability to survive against enemy attacks. You may want to learn more about gear rarity and optional stats associated.

Depending on your playing style, you should focus your gear upgrades with the following strategy. Different gears upgrade stats are different. We will note the the different gear parts and the type of stats that they buff.

Checking Stats Before Upgrade
Before you pump lots of mesos or actual candy for Advanced Scrolls, your number 1 priority is to make sure your base gear is of a higher range. All the gears have a range of where their base stats can be. You only really want to pump money into gears that start with a high starting range.

Use our Gear Reference Data to help you decide whether or not a gear is worthy of the scroll upgrades.

High Priority Upgrades
Attack, defense, and HP recovery is important throughout the game. You kill faster, take less damage, and use less HP potions.


Top Cloth:

HP Automatic Recovery

Medium Priority Upgrades
These gears are good to have, but you will probably be OK to be without. We have put some additional notes and conditions on why you would or not place them at a higher or lower priority.

Critical Rate

Accuracy (High Priority if You Use No Dex Build)

Avoidance (Low Priority until End Game)

MP Automatic Recovery (Low Priority in Auto Combat Only)

(High Priority in End Game to Survive Boss Attacks)

Low Priority Upgrades
Mastery level changes the damage variation between your attacks, it is typically less useful overall. You generally do not need stun neither.


Stun Rate


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