Miracle Cubes are used to grant additional stats to your gears. Each of your gears can have the optional miracle cube stats of up to 6 stats. The Miracle cube stats are shown as “purple”. Below is a simple screen of what miracle cube stats look like, and where you can go to “cube” your gears. With this guideline, you should hopefully implement your Miracle / Chaos Cube more effectively.


When you cube the gears, you have a selection of either using Miracle Cube or Chaos cube. Miracle cubes add stats and chaos cubes reset those optional stats. You cannot use chaos cube without first using miracle cube because there is no stats to reset.

Miracle Chaos Cube Pocket MS

Since Miracle Cubes and Chaos Cube are pretty much paid content with very low numbers from possible from special events and gifts, you should make the best out of these miracle cubes by being selective about gears that you slot them with, especially if you are a free player who do not intend for any real money iap’s. Below are some simple guidelines to follow about using these precious miracle cubes.

1. Enhance Gear First
Since enhanced gears have pretty high chances of breaking, you should always enhance gears first, then once you have reached the highest possible enhancement level that you can afford, then consider adding in Miracle Cubes.

2. Use Miracle Cubes on Rings, Belts, Earrings, and Cloaks.
Priority your cubes on these 4 items first. The main reason is that these four gears can be worn by all classes, this means that you can effectively save the cost by sharing these 4 items among all of your alternate characters.

3. Use Miracle Cubes for Gears Level 130+
Since you go through gears pretty fast as you move along the game, it can be a waste for you to use any gears that are not end game gears, since miracle cubes can be quite expensive. Thus, if you do decide to cube gears like weapon or other clothing, do them for items above 130+.

4. Only Use them for Purple Rare Gear or Higher
Similar to the previous guideline, you typically want to use Purple Rare gears or higher for your end game setup. This means that save your miracle gears on the equipment that actually do matter and will last throughout your game life.

Preferred Stats on Miracle Cubes
Next, the stats that come from miracle cubes can vary. Below are some guidelines for the cube stats that you actually do want to keep. The top of the list should be attack stats, by buffing all of your gears with offensive miracle cube stats, you can push your DPS to a whole new level. Consider resetting the stats with Chaos cube if you do not have at least 4 of the following stats. If you are a free player, you should focus on the raw attack number with these miracle cubes, reset with Chaos cube if necessary.

It should be noted that the HP/MP steal is only useful for end game stats, since HP steal and help you with higher level gears and MP steal can help with your manual skill spamming play.

1. Attack
2. Attack Related Main Stats – STR for DS and DB, Dex for AB
3. Defense Stats – Dex for DS and DB, Str for AB
4. Critical Attack
5. HP Steal (End Game)
6. MP Steal (End Game)

5. Chaos Cube Resets ALL stats
It should be noted that the use of Chaos Cube resets all stats on a given gear.

6. Miracle Cube Optional Stats Ranges
DEX 10
INT 6~7
Max HP 26
Max MP 22
ATT 10
Accuracy 3
Critical Attack 7
Attack Speed
Evasion 7~8
DEF 6~14
HP Steal 5
MP Steal 3~8
HP Recovery 21~28
MP Recovery 22~29
Speed 10
Jump Height 5~7
Jump Distance
Anti Debuff 5
Anti Slip
Push 4
Magic Guardian 6


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  1. By reset using chaos cube, will it also reset other attributes not produced by mira cube? And lets say i already have 4 lines made by mira..are they gonna be gone like i never used mira in the first place?

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