As you get deeper into the game, do you wonder about the various ways to get different kind of gear rarities? We will give you a complete walkthrough on the best practiced to improve your characters gears. We will also touch upon strategies to help you prepare for end game gear up.

Basic Rarity Breakdown
The gears are divided into the following rarity ranking. Higher rarity tiers of the same level requirement usually offers higher base stats and magic “optional stats”.

Normal (White) – No Option Stats
Magic (Blue) – 1 Option Stats
Rare (Purple) – 2 Option Stats
Unique (Red) – 3 Option Stats
Legend (Gold) – 4 Option Stats

Gear Pieces and Option Stats Frequency
Depending on the armor pieces that you hold. Certain gears have higher chances of giving you certain optional stats. This does not mean that you will not see a non standard stats on those gears, it is that the chances are much lower. So you might want to keep those if you are stacking certain stats, for example, a HP steal on a glove might be a keeper if your goal is to max out HP steal.

Weapon: HP Steal, MP Steal, ATT Speed, Critical Rate, Push, Mastery
Armor: LUK, DEX, Magic Guardian, Jump Height, Jump Distance, Critical Attack
Bottom Armor: ATT Speed, MP Steal, Magic Guardian, Jump Height, Jump Distance, DEX
Hat: Mastery, Critical Attack, STR, Magic Guardian, Anti Debuff
Glove: Attack Speed, Critical Rate, DEX, LUK, MP Steal
Shoe: HP Steal, Critical Rate, Speed, Mastery, Anti Slip
Cape: HP Steal, MP Steal, STR, Mastery, Critical Rate
Belt: STR, INT, LUK, Speed
Earring: HP Steal, Anti Debuff, Anti Slip, DEX
Ring: STR, Anti Debuff, ATT Speed, Push
Necklace: LUK, Speed, Mastery

How to Get Different Rarity Gears
This section we will note briefly on the basic methods of obtaining these gears. Check the gearing up strategy if you want to know about how exactly to beef up and keep your gears.

White Gears:
White normal gears are obtained via shops and normal field monsters.

Magic and Rare:
You will mainly get these through dungeon run. You start getting rare gears at level 51 Magatia dungeon. However, most players will run Level 71 Mu Lung dungeon for faster completion. Alternatively, you can get them pretty easily through Gear Capsule machines. Lastly, you can also craft them but they will take much longer because of spirit stone farming.

Unique and Legend:
You can get unique and legend gears from Advanced Dungeons or Fusing them. However, the biggest issue is that the unique and rare gained through these methods will be level 120 or less. You can also get them through the capsule machines.

130+ Unique and Legend Gears:
To get Level 130+ unique and legend rarity gears, the ONLY place to get them is through Capsule Machine’s Super Premium Capsule draws at a really low chance. However it is a huge gamble and you can spend hundreds and thousands of dollars with literally nothing to show. You CANNOT get 130+ unique and legends via fusing. Thus, always treat your level 130+ unique and legends like they are gold. Keep them treasured.

Gearing Up Strategy
Starting the game for the first time, you want start gradually shift your entire gears to magic and rare rarity instead of buying from shops. Stick gears with defense stats such as DEX or STR and HP steal options so that you can do an auto combat build. As you move post level 100 and start doing manual training or dungeon runs, it may be time to start searching for gears that primarily boost your ATT power and critical rate.

The best way to get magic rarity gears at the beginning of the game, is to craft them and using spirit stone farming strategy. Fuse Magic and White gears together until you receive something that you can use. Simply fuse the lowest gears that require 2 spirit stones, and with fusing, you should be fully geared with magic rarity equips in no time.

In the beginning, we recommend training one of the character to have accessory crafting sub class. This way you can try to craft or scroll a +2~+4 ring which can carry you through until almost level 100 of auto battling.

The best method to get the rares you need is by first getting initial rare pieces from level 71 Mu Lung Dungeon. Consider fighting with other players or even higher level to carry you for fast speed runs. Then you can advance your rare gears by fusing a rare (purple) gear and either normal (white) or magic (blue) together. Repeat the process until you receive something for your class. You may want to keep the gears that are higher level, so that you can “grow” into it later, this is especially true if they have the right optional stats mentioned earlier.

You generally do not need to scroll pre level 100 armors and accessories unless you are missing a few defenses to fully auto combat. However, you should always do a +1 on weapons to deal more damage to level faster.

During your equipment fusing process during earlier levels, keep any level 130+ gears for your class even if they are magic rarity. Level 130 gears offer a big jump in all stats and they can be hard to come by when you need them. Consider checking out the stats reference to see where your gears are at in terms of stat range.

Again, you CANNOT fuse a level 130+ unique and legends, this means, keep any level 120 unique or legends if you manage to fuse them, especially if they offer the stats that you want.

To gear yourself up for end game level 130 content.
You MUST have level 130 weapons since the jump in ATT far outweight any optional stats being offered.

For the various armors, it is recommended you to use the correct level 130+ gears for the defense boost. However, you can opt for level 112~120 unique or legends if they offer stats that boost damage. This is true until you can auto battle in mushroom kingdom or lion king castle. However, it is generally not possible unless you have full level 130+ gears with cubes or VIP defense buffs. Since ideally you will need about 1500~1700 DEF plus a auto pot recommending pet to auto battle post level 130.

Lastly, you should generally keep level 120 unique and legend accessories if you get your hands on them. The optional stats that they end up offering can typically beat the level 130+ counterparts. However, replace them once you get higher gears for the stats you want. For example, critical rate offered by level 150 gear can often beat a level 120 legend.

You generally want to focus on all attack related stats for post level 130 gears. Since you will most likely be manually leveling in either Mushroom Kingdom or Lion King Castle unless you have VIP defense buffs.

Gear Rarity and Character Binding
Depending on the rarity of the gears, they may be bound to your character unless you use Scissors of Karma which costs 1500 candies at the “other” tab of Candy shop.

White and Blue
There will be no character binding for these level of gears. Which is why it may be attractive to keep level 130+ of them in case you want to play other classes down the road.

The purple gears are bound when you first equip them. This means that you can still move them to other characters via storage.

Red and Yellow
This tier binds as soon as you receive them. However, you can still “transfer” that tier of gears to other character through inventory overflow and mail system through fusing. This is especially helpful when leveling other characters in the same account pre level 130.

Cheating Gear Bind with Full Inventory and Mail System
The inventory overflow and mail system is a strategy to transfer your higher tier gears or gear up your new characters easily with a much stronger and built character. Anytime when your inventory is full, when you fuse gear or get more gears from dungeon run, or even crafting. These gears are automatically transferred to your MAIL message where you can claim with any character on the account.

This is important because now you can actually run dungeons with a super character, so that your low and new toon can quickly get purple gears without having to spend mesos through storage. In addition, you can farm purples much faster with a super character as well.

Secondly, you can move the bind on creation Unique and Legend gears to other characters through mail. This means that you do not need to get Scissors of Karma to “unbind” them through storage system.