Depending on the main stats and your playing style. You can go for a couple different builds in the game of Pocket MapleStory. Below is a quick overview of these stats builds and how you can go about building your characters.

Main Stats List for Attack / Defense
Demon Slayer: STR / DEX
Dual Blade: LUK / DEX
Angelic Buster: Dex / STR

It should be noted that in the case of Angelic Buster, STR is the main defense stat. So for example, instead of 3 Dex, you will set 3 STR as a auto battle Angelic Buster to tank the monsters.

3 Pure Dex: Auto Combat All The Way:
This is your auto combat build for virtually all classes. If you are a first time player without much meso and you do not plan on spending real money on IAP’s. This is the build for you. You can occasionally mix in a couple main stats here and there, but you should generally make sure to have enough defense to continue your auto combat grinding at all times.

Check for more detailed strategies about how to do auto combat efficiently.

(Angelic Buster: Pure STR)

2 Dex / 1 Main Stat Hybrid
This is a variation of an auto combat, you get slightly less defense than pure dex, but you get some what higher damage to kill faster. You can go this route if you only want to auto combat once in a while, but still enjoy manual play once in a while to spam your skills.

(Angelic Buster: 2 STR / 1 DEX)

1 Dex / 2 Main Stat Hybrid
This build variation is manual play build. You deal decent amount of damage while still having a minor defense so that you do not get 1 hit killed. You will generally need to enhance and upgrade your defense gears to be viable.

(Angelic Buster: 1 STR / 2 DEX)

3 Pure Main Stats Pure Offense
When you do pure main stats, you will generally enjoy much higher damage output. However, you should generally ease into this or respect at higher levels near the level cap. The reason is that pure main stat builds require great to fully enhanced gears to be viable. Without the proper defense from gears, you will find yourself dying consistently.

With pure stats build, you should still consider adding a few points into dex if you find yourself missing too much. The pure offense is only really viable at end game level 130+ if you are willing to miracle cube your gears with accuracy boost.

(Angelic Buster: 3 DEX)

Build Recommendation Conclusion
We assume that when you start alternate characters, you can use mesos earned with a high level character to fund your alt’s. Below are some general guidelines to help you plan your playing style.

First Time Player and No Real Money IAP and no time:
3 Pure Dex and focus on Auto Combat. You will generally need to leave your devices on overnight.

First Time Player with Small IAP and some time:
2 Dex / 1 Main Stat

Alternate Characters with Funds or First Time Player with Real Money IAP:
1 Dex / 2 Main Stat

Alternate Character with Plenty of Time / Heavy Spender:
3 Main Stat

Other Stats Consideration
Gears Providing Stats Boosts
The stats of STR, DEX, LUK, INT can also come from gear sources. You may want to check out the gear stats reference as well as the type of optional stats offered with each pieces of gear.

Stats Explained
To get a better understanding of how stats affect each of your actual fighting capabilities, in addition, other secondary stats are explained with this stats explanation guide.


Stats Builds Guide — 9 Comments

    • No what it’s saying is For AB you go pure DEX if your not going to buy candies(real money),
      and Leave your device on auto battle over night in a area you can survive.
      that will build up items to sell and get you the exp to lvl up.

      I would suggest getting a few Rings of Silver rings(lvl 24 item) and some enhance scrolls(can be brought in candies shop for 5k meso) get a ring at minimum +3 that will heal you for a good amount while you auto battle.

  1. For Angelic Buster’s, make sure to have some points in luk to get higher critical damage chance. Usually about 50 is needed (and you’ll get the rest in gear in the end game)

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