In Pocket MapleStory, leveling is made easy by auto combat botting. However, you must make sure that you have the right setup to be able to Auto Combat Efficiently in the game. Please note that this guide will be pretty basic and most advanced players would not find this guide useful.

Setting Up Your Mobile Device
To auto combat, the idea is that you must leave your devices on while the software does the fighting for you. However, most mobile devices go into “sleep” mode after certain amount of inactivity. Make sure you turn those off so that you can leave your devices running indefinitely. Remember to keep them plugged in too so they do not shut down due to lack of power.

At the time of writing, this option is located as “Auto-Lock” under General for iOs.

Proper Character Builds
The best build to auto combat is to simply go for 3 defenses as first time player. This way you can typically tackle monsters at or even slightly above your levels.

Your goal is to be taking damage in the 1~5 range in the beginning with a +1 ring. 5~10 incoming damage with +2 ring. 10~30 Range with a +3 ring. You really have to test each of the map to figure out how much damage you actually take versus the amount of HP recovered through the ring.

Once you have funds to create your second and third character, than you can consider doing hybrid dex/main stats and enhance the gears for the necessary defense.

For the best results with auto combating, you will need to spec your character with mainly passive skills that boost their attack damage with basic attacks. Check the following skill builds and go for the Auto Combat recommendation chains.

Demon Slayer Skill Build
Dual Blade Skill Build
Angelic Buster Skill Build

Best Auto Combat Class
At the time of writing this guide, the best class to do auto combat grinding as the first character is the Demon Slayer. The main reason is that the DS has plenty of passive skills that improve its damage output. It moves relatively faster and its attack chain can deal damage towards several monsters at the same time. So if your goal is to auto combat to save up mesos, demon slayer should be on top of your list.

Enhance Your Gears
With full dex build, you generally only need to go to +1 with each of your defense gears if you get stuck. In most cases you do not even need to enhance your gears and you can save all those mesos for later upgrades.

However, you should still invest some mesos into your weapons before you head for long period of AFK. The increased damage output can improve the amount of EXP you can get overtime before your character will be able to kill many more enemies.

Boost Your DPS
As you get higher level and can beat dungeons, the next plan of attack is to upgrade your weapons and equip gears that boost your attack speed. Faster attack speed means that you can kill things much faster on auto combat, which translates to better EXP output as well.

Enhance Your Rings
In Pocket MapleStory, different gears slots grant you different stats. Rings are the gear that grants you HP recovery over time. You will need it to auto combat indefinitely. Consider getting a sub 30 ring, and enhance it multiple times. The boost from low level ring enhancements can keep you auto fighting for a long time.

Consider going for a +2~+3 minimum in the beginning and even higher for later stages. If you have the memos for higher level ring enhancement, then go for it late. However a +4 from a level 24 ring is typically good enough to last you for a long time.

Make Sure You have Inventory and Weapon Spaces
To really make the best out of auto combat, you want to make sure you have enough inventory to hold all of the loots and gears that you get. This means expanding your inventory slots to the point where you can hold all the stuff with overnight grinding. Use your candies to expand the spaces twice or three times to be able to hold them all

Fight Within Your Level Range
You get significantly less HP when you outlevel the enemies on the map. You typically want to start grinding the stage with the strongest mob that you can handle with overnight auto combat, and move away from the stages when you are 1~5 levels ahead of the map. What we do is usually grind the hardest level when you first enter a new town, and after a few levels with new weapons, we complete the main quests and repeat.

Find the Right Map
Every map is made differently in Pocket MapleStory, some are better than others. Always test a new map for about 5~10 minutes to make sure it is not glitched and your defense can handle the new place. You typically want to avoid any maps with springs or traps. Avoid maps with flying enemies or monsters that run away after being attacked.

Lastly, a good auto combat map should have mobs relatively close to each other so that “walking” time between mobs are minimized. In general, the hidden street maps are usually decent auto combat spots.


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