As you play the game and advance through Pocket MapleStory. You probably wonder the best ways to advance faster and smaller tips to help you get through.

Rings + Dex Build + Auto Combat
If you are new to the game, setting up an auto combat tank build is the best way to go. By letting your characters grind day and night nonstop is the key. With this tanky bot that grinds on your behalf, you will be able to fund your other character with relative ease. And if later on you want to, you can also spend some money to respec and restat the character.

You will need full dex plus an enhanced ring which generates HP automatically for you while you auto combat.

Take Advantage of “Free” Quest Teleports
Whenever possible, keep a few quests of the previous cities especially when you just exit the area. You can keep the quests without completing it with the NPC. This way you can instantly teleport back to any city with the quest. The reason is that you can use “move now” with your quest line. This can save you time with walking if you ever needed to visit previous maps for grinding purposes.

Save Your Mesos by Spending Them
When you die, you lose 10% of the meso, which can really take a chunk out of your savings. When you have too much money, consider spending them on the rings or save them in “enchantment” scrolls format. You want to keep your meso as low as possible to minimize losses. Consider buying scrolls that are 1 tier above your current tier, since they will always come in handy at later times.

Go for Faster VIP Levels with Premium Candy Packs
If you do plan to spend money into the game and you plan on playing Pocket MapleStory for a while. The 30 Day Premium Candy pack gives you the best ratio of candies per dollar spent. It should be noted that as soon as you buy the pack, you get the instant 60k VIP level EXP which brings you to VIP level 4 if you start from VIP 0.

Best Places to Spend Your Candy
Increase Your Inventory and Equipment Slots
If you plan on leaving your mobile devices overnight or extended grinding, make sure you have enough inventory to hold all the loots. This is especially if you plan on getting a baby dragon pet.

Baby Dragon Pet
Baby dragon pet is essential for Auto Combat grinding, if you observe how your characters move on auto combat, you will notice that he/she tends to miss the loots. Baby Dragon will help you by fixing the problem. You will find that you make close to double the amount because of all the missed loots on auto.

Things that You should Avoid Spending On
Revive: Revive is usually bad since it is much better to either lower your meso inventory, or try again if you die too easily.
Item Capsule: The item capsule can be a huge candy drain when you are not careful. It is essentially gambling to get stronger gears.
Instant Quest Complete: You should never use your valuable candies on the instant quest completions, they usually do not offer you enough EXP or rewards for it to be worthwhile.


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