With the latest Cassandra event where you can collect Emerald’s to turn in for items, are you trying to hunt for as many Emeralds as you can? Here we will offer you some useful insights. Cassandra is found in all the times with timer refreshes for different item exchanges.

It appears that Emerald’s drop rate has been ticked up double or triple for the duration of the event. The drop rate is much higher than usual. With the following strategies

Emeralds Drop Regardless of Level nor Specific Mobs
Emeralds count as regular loot items that drop from all the mobs on the field maps. They do not drop in dungeons. This means that you want to go for maximum kill speed to farm as many emeralds as you possibly can during the event. There are two main methods to achieve good results.

Manual Farm at Places with Crowded Mobs and AoE
If you do decide to manually farm the emeralds, you should pick a map where you can AoE everything to death comfortably at good speed. Pick mobs where you can kill with 1 cast of AoE’s. Consider pot spamming to assist with your killing speed.

Auto Combat Farm on Mobs You can 1 Hit Kill
Because the killing speed determines how fast you can get the loots, auto farm at maps where you can kill the mobs with 1~2 hits, you generally want to target a “flat” map if you do not have the baby dragon, so that your character can walk back and forth to pick up the loots.

Like manual play, you also want to target a field map with plenty of mobs and least amount of walking. The faster you can land your kills, the more emeralds that you can auto grind. Most of the “beginner” towns offer great mob concentrations and easy to land 1 hit kills..

With that said, the good old original dim spirit stone farming method appears to be working for emerald farming as well. Creating a new Angelic Buster and farm can net about 20 emeralds per hour based on our initial testing.

Consider Getting Baby Dragon Loot Pet for Event
The looting pet helps tremendously on getting all the loots during auto combat, they also help you if you do manual combat too by spending less time. Consider investing candies into the baby dragon looting pet can go a long way in this emerald event.

Free Your Inventory Slots and Consider Expanding
You will not have enough inventory slots if you have the baby dragon pet and leave your auto combat farm all night long, consider expanding those slots to house more items. You also need good number of slots to exchange for some of the more advanced items. Some emerald exchanges can take up to 1000 emeralds. This can be quite taxing on your inventory since the emeralds stack in 99’s just like all the other items.

Save Your Emeralds
You generally want to save your emeralds until the items refresh into something that are “candy” purchase only. Some of the best options are the advanced enchantment scrolls.

And if you are unlucky that you are unhappy with all of the refreshes, still consider “saving” those emeralds for next events. There will be more emerald exchange events down the line seeing the Emerald is such as rare drop during non event times.

Collect from Low Grade Unique Weapons and Miracle / Chaos Cubes Cubes
The best item to be exchanged from this event are the miracle cubes and chaos cubes.

Refreshing Event Exchange List
The exchange items is refreshed every 8 hours or so. And each of your characters have different “pool” of items. So every time during refresh, log into all three of your characters to see if Cassandra has the item that you are looking for.

Towards the end of the event, if you still do not see or have obtained the low level unique weapons. Consider “force” refresh for free by creating characters and delete them right away. This way you can access to the refreshed event lists without actually spending candy.

The following list of event exchange items is obtained from https://www.reddit.com/r/pocketmaplestory/comments/3tffpf/cassandras_event_shop_items/

Cubes (Max of 5 each cube)
Miracle Cube x1 (75 Emeralds) Chaos Cube x1 (75 Emeralds)
Elixer x 5 (150 Emeralds) Power Elixer x 5 (250 Emeralds) All-Cure Potion x 10 (3 Emeralds)
Dexterity Potion x 3 (5 Emeralds) Speed Potion x 3 (5 Emeralds) Sniper Potion x 3 (5 Emeralds)
HP/MP Potions
Unagi x 5 (25 Emeralds)
White Potion x 10 (25 Emeralds)
Intermediate Red Potion x 3 (25 Emeralds)
Blue Potion x 10 (25 Emeralds)
Mana Elixer x 5 (25 Emeralds)
Pure Water x 3 (25 Emeralds)
Intermediate Blue Potion x 3 (25 Emeralds)
Stonewall Blessing (5 Emeralds)
Springheel Blessing x 3 (15 Emerald)
Powerhouse Blessing x 2 (15 Emerald)
Enchantment Scrolls
Enchantment Scroll I (10 Emeralds)
Enchantment Scroll II (15 Emeralds)
Enchantment Scroll III (25 Emeralds)
Enhancement Scroll IV x 1 (75 Emeralds)
Enhancement Scroll V x 1 (250 Emeralds)
Weapons (all weapons can be purchased one time only)
Unique Lv32 Soul Shooter (100 Emeralds)
Unique Lv72 Soul Shooter (200 Emeralds)
Unique Lv112 Soul Shooter (750 Emeralds)
Unique Lv120 Soul Shooter (1000 Emeralds)
Unique Lv32 Blade (100 Emeralds)
Unique Lv72 Blade (200 Emeralds)
Unique Lv112 Blade (750 Emeralds)
Unique Lv120 Blade (1000 Emeralds)
Unique Lv32 Dagger (100 Emeralds)
Unique Lv72 Dagger (200 Emeralds)
Unique Lv112 Dagger (750 Emeralds)
Unique Lv120 Dagger (1000 Emeralds)
Unique Lv32 Blunt Weapon (100 Emeralds)
Unique Lv72 Blunt Weapon (200 Emeralds)
Unique Lv112 Blunt Weapon (750 Emeralds)
Unique Lv120 Blunt Weapon (1000 Emeralds)