Below is a compilation of the common questions that get asked by first time players. Check to see if these can help you with your questions.

Where is Mangifier
Some of the equipment magic or higher, or in the case of Demon Slayer’s Force Shield equipment, they have other stats that need to be revealed with Magnifier. You actually do not need to buy a magnifier, but rather pay 1000 Meso after clicking on the Yellow “Magnify” button below the picture. Doing so will reveal the hidden stats with the “Magnifier”.

How to Party with Other Players
The majority of the game in Pocket MapleStory is solo only, although you can see other real players in town if you are in the same channel.

In Pocket MapleStory, you solo play through all of the main story quests and maps. The only place that you can party with other player in real time is through Dungeons.

How to Trade, Buy or Sell from Other Players
At the point in game development in Global server, trading items with other players has not been implemented. The gears are stuck with your character. However, you can “transfer” gears with your other alternative characters through the mutual storage system.

What is Medal or Honor (Marks of Honor)
This item is gained mainly through Guild Dungeons, or you can get them by fighting monsters above your level during normal solo maps. It does not do anything, rather a ranking system for the guilds. It should be noted that you will not see Marks of Honor drop unless you belong in a guild.

Why Do You Join Guild?
Guild offers special skills that give additional meso, stats, etc. However, the guild must have “leveled” and enabled those skills. Joining a high level guild with a “rich” guild leader who buys guild skills can be helpful for your own game play.

How to Level Up Faster?
We generally recommend you to use “defense” build and do auto combat, be patient and let the level come to you naturally. However, if you are a paying player, consider going after EXP capsules or VIP EXP bonus, in combination of strong attack + skill + MP pots spam for the fastest leveling speed. We generally do not recommend manual play route until you reach level 130+.

How to Beat Bosses?
If you are stuck with any bosses, like Stumpy, Pianus, Dark Lord, etc. The key is to simply level up more at the hidden maps. Boost your defense to the point where you can take 2~3 hits, then save up mesos to spam through your HP pool. Consider spamming skills along with MP pots to deal more damage faster, this way you can save your HP pots as well.

Alternatively, you can learn the boss’ move patterns, and dodge them accordingly. However it is much harder and require perfect execution, it can take tons of practice, and trial and error. You are most likely better off to auto combat a few levels before trying again. It should be noted that this boss strategy works well until you reach end game and harder dungeon content.

What is the Max Level?
Current Level Cap of the game is Level 150.


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